Washington Legislature

The WA State Conference of Mason Contractors supports legislation that affects the masonry and construction industries. Please find below a list of active legislations for the 2017 Washington Legislative Session. 

Tracking as of January, 2017

  • Statewide Paid Family Leave
  • McCleary (initiative requiring smaller classrooms) Agreement
    • Raises $7.3 billion over 4 years.
    • Major tax changes include:
      • State Property tax increase of 81-cents per $1,000 assessed value
      • The maximum local property tax levy amount will be the lesser of $1.50 per $1,000 in assessed value or $2,500 per pupil
      • Internet sales tax expansion—brings in about $1billion over 4-year.
      • Closure of bottled water exemption—brings in over $100 million according to previous analysis
      • Eliminating or narrowing exemption for extracted fuel—brings in about $70 million depending on how structured
      • Reducing the B&O rate for all manufacturing down to .2904
      • Senator Braun says 73% of state taxpayers will see net property tax reduction under the agreed to proposal.
  • Capital Budget
    • Not sure if there will be one as it is embroiled in politics over a Supreme Court decision that impacts water-drilling in rural communities. 
    • Con of no Capital Budget – In the draft there is $1.5 billion for school construction.
    • Pro of no Capital Budget – There’s funding for a CLT (cross Laminated Timber) project in Spokane.